Zero accidents

03.11.2014 00:00

Inbicon's Laboratory & Pilot team has reached 2000 days without accidents.


The employees in Inbicon's Laboratory & Pilot have reached an impressive milestone. In spite of a working day with a fast pace in an environment where accidents quickly can occur, they have kept the accidents away in 2000 days.


"I am really pleased with the impressive milestone. None of our employees must come to harm of going to work. That is why we must constantly focus on safety, which is also one of our core values," said Henrik Maimann, Vice President at DONG Energy and CEO of New Bio Solutions, and he continued:


"This is a concrete example from everyday life, showing that it is possible to keep the accidents at a minimum, if we and our partners take it seriously. It is important to recognize and highlight."


18 employees are working on the premises daily.