Long-lasting Presence in China

01.05.2014 00:00

​DONG Energy has recently established a subsidiary in Beijing, the Capital of China.

"We have continuously been engaging with the Chinese market for the past couple of years and are now ready to show our full commitment," said Henrik Maimann, Vice President at DONG Energy and CEO for New Bio Solutions.

DONG Energy has recently received business license for its new Chinese subsidiary DONG Energy New Bio Solutions Co., Ltd. DONG Energy is now ready for commercializing its green technologies in China, where the awareness of and engagement in pollution control have increased tremendously over the past few years.

"We see this as a strong opportunity to collaborate towards lower consumption, better air quality and transforming the energy system to renewables. This is the start of a prosperous venture for us and China in moving towards more sustainable energy," said Benny Mai CEO of DONG Energy New Bio Solutions Co., Ltd.