DONG Energy focus on full scale Inbicon projects

21.11.2014 08:00

​The Inbicon technology has now reached a level of maturity where further test runs at the demonstration plant in Kalundborg are not needed.


"We have reached such a high level of understanding and maturity, that further campaigns at our Inbicon Demonstration plant in Kalundborg are not needed and no further campaigns have been planned for the time being. The technology has been proven on all major feedstocks and with different enzymes and yeasts. At the same time, we have up-graded our pilot facilities to mirror our demonstration plant. Future optimisation runs will therefore be performed in our pilot plant"  says Henrik Maimann, Vice President in DONG Energy and CEO of New Bio Solutions.


Future testing and optimisations are done for clients on their feedstock to optimise the clients project.

"Testing and optimisation at the pilot plant requires less feedstock and delivers faster results to the benefit of the clients. It also requires less resources in a period of time, where Inbicon is focusing on getting the first projects of the ground in all major markets" says Henrik Maimann.


The relevance and need to resume campaign operation of IKA will be evaluated continuously.