Conference Engagements: From West to East

27.10.2014 08:00

The last six months of 2014 have been busy for Inbicon with conference participations around the world.

The month of June held 'The Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo' (FEW) in the United States and the 'World Bio Markets Asia' conference in Malaysia. Vice President Henrik Maimann has actively been leading Inbicon's conference engagement and held a speech at FEW, which Inbicon was a Silver Sponsor for.

Mr. Maimann explains: "we are active and continuously engaging in the different markets and participating in conferences is an important element in the process".


FEW conference 

In the mid-of-September Senior Project Manager Mr. Henrik Boye Jørgensen went to Beijing to give a speech at the International Bio-Energy Conference and Expo.

The 23-25 of September Mr. Maimann was together with the Head of Inbicon Technology Mr. Jan Larsen participating in the 4th International Conference on Lignocellulosic Ethanol in Munich. Here both where respectively active in panel discussions and presenting the next development steps for Inbicon. In the meantime across the North Atlantic Ocean in São Paulo Senior Project Manager Mogens Mandrup participated in the World Bio Markets Brazil.


The next conference step in 2014 will be at F.O. Licht's World Ethanol & Biofuels Conference from the 3-6 of November in Budapest.