​The Inbicon pre-treatment process uses cold blow discharge where only steam is used for cooking the biomass and no chemicals are added. This is a great advantage in terms of costs and quality of the final products.



  • ​Simple materials of construction throughout the plant
  • Simple pre-treatment equipment with few moving parts
  • Simple separation equipment capable of achieving high dry solids (fibre fraction)
  • Fibre fraction with low content of enzyme and yeast inhibiting products such as 5-HMF and phenols
  • >90% recovery of high quality lignin with a minimum of sulphur content

​The above leads to low CAPEX and OPEX due to low cost materials, use of standard equipment from the pulp and paper industry and small size/low volume in the process plant due to low water contents and low volume flows.
Last, it leads to higher value of the lignin which can be used as an excellent solid biofuel to complement ethanol revenue in Inbicon Biomass Refineries.


Key advantages