Integration with other processes

Integration with other processes
​Our Inbicon demonstration plant is closely integrated with Asnæs power station in Kalundborg
​DONG Energy has extensive experience in process integration with power stations, biogas plants and other processes. Our Inbicon demonstration plant is closely integrated with Asnæs power station in Kalundborg.

We have gained valuable experiences which help ensure the highest possible energy efficiency.



  • ​Strong heat and power generation experience from building and operating power plants for decades

  • Significant know how to integrate bioethanol production with existing facilities to lower CAPEX and OPEX

  • High energy efficiency to lower OPEX

  • Exchange of by-products to ensure high energy efficiency and highest value of by products


​DONG Energy's experience within energy generation and process integration between facilities is built into Inbicon Biomass Refineries based on local conditions and markets.

This reduces unnecessary CAPEX investments by utilizing capacity from existing facilities while lowering costs as energy streams can be exchanged. And it ensures high value of by products to complement ethanol revenue.

Overall this leads to significantly enhanced plant economics.

Heat and power generationHeat and power generation

​DONG Energy’s experience in executing, retrofitting and operating power stations is used for developing best integration concepts based on local conditions in cooperation with the local partner.

We utilise our knowledge about heat and power generation and implement it in process-integration studies to ensure that our customers receive the best possible and optimal integration process.