Key Advantages 



Why Inbicon should drive your biomass refinery

​We understand that your goal is a profitable business producing renewables at commercial scale. And we designed our technology to do that.

We offer a technology backed by solid experience and expert services to reduce risk. One to reduce CAPEX and OPEX to build a profitable business. One flexible enough to adapt to your geography, climate, agricultural waste, environmental regulations and worker safety.

In short, one that deliver the renewable products you need at the lowest costs.



The Inbicon technology

We developed a technology for cellulosic ethanol and other valuable products focusing on pre-treatment, enzymatic hydrolysis, and process integration.

Inbicon separates cellulose (a 6-carbon sugar - or just C6 sugar), hemicellulose (a 5-carbon sugar - or just C5 sugar), and lignin (the woody part of the plant) - into valuable products.
Inbicon uses steam to pre-treat the biomass and separates C5 sugars for biogas or ethanol. It uses enzymatic hydrolysis to prepare C5 and C6 sugars for fermentation and produce high quality lignin.
Stand alone or integrated with existing facilities, Inbicon offers a proved and low cost option.

Status for the Inbicon technology by end of 2014



Key advantages

Acid free pre-treatment
No use of steam explosion and acids in the hydrothermal pre-treatment reduces CAPEX and OPEX.

High yield enzymatic hydrolysis
High dry matter content in all process steps, especially the enzymatic hydrolysis, lowers costs and maximise ethanol yields and revenue.

Efficient integration with other processes
High experience from years of operation and integration with energy production and other processes lowers costs.

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