C6 fermentation

​C6 fermentation produces three separate renewable energy and revenue streams and has been licensed since 2010. C6 fermentation has been optimised through 15,000 hours of production since 2009.



Proven and optimisedProven and optimised

​C6 fermentation is the original concept of the Inbicon Biomass Refinery, proven and optimised at Kalundborg since 2009 with 15,000 hours of production. This includes upgrades in equipment design for greater efficiency and lower operating costs.

Three revenue streamsThree revenue streams

​C6 fermentation converts the biomass into three green energy streams - ethanol based on C6 fermentation, C5 molasses for livestock feed or biogas production and lignin to be used as e.g. solid biofuel for heat and power production. C6 fermentation is a strong choice for projects located in countries with high demand for livestock feed and/or high renewable power prices as lignin and C5 molasses gives several options to complement revenue from ethanol.

C5 molassesC5 molasses

​Because the C5 molasses reacts in the anaerobic digestion of manure it can enhance power production from existing biogas facilities significantly. With DONG Energy's experience in biogas production and heat and power production, this can be a highly valuable product.

Project developmentProject development

​C6 fermentation is currently the centrepiece of integrated Inbicon projects in China and US. The C5 molasses and lignin are used for biogas and green power generation, which can drive the process; excess power can be sold to the grid.