C5+C6 mixed sugar fermentation

​C5+C6 mixed sugar fermentation ferments both C5 and C6 sugars for 40-45% higher ethanol yield than C6 fermentation. C5+C6 mixed sugar fermentation is ready for licensing and this concept is operational at our demonstration plant in Kalundborg



Higher Ethanol yieldHigher Ethanol yield

​By fermenting both C6 and C5 sugars, you can expect cellulosic ethanol yield to increase up to 40-45% relative to only fermenting C6 sugars. C5+C6 mixed sugar fermentation is designed to achieve superior ethanol yields and is particularly attractive in markets with high ethanol demand. It can be sited alone as a greenfield refinery or co-located next to a producer’s existing first-generation plant. Either can make a successful cellulosic ethanol business.

C5+C6 mixed sugar fermentation achieves higher ethanol yields by adding specially developed microorganisms to the fermentation which also includes the C5 sugars.

Different suppliersDifferent suppliers

​You can obtain the advanced microorganisms from different suppliers to reduce supply risk of your project.
The microorganisms convert both the C6 and the C5 sugars to ethanol.

Operational in KalundborgOperational in Kalundborg

​C5+C6 mixed sugar fermentation is installed and has been operational since mid-2013 at Kalundborg demonstration plant after an uncomplicated change to the process setup. The necessary safety measures are already in place at our Kalundborg plant and will be as well in your project.