Biomass refinery

​The Inbicon technology is developed for maximum flexibility and has been operational since 2009 with more than 15,000 operating hours. It allows for both C6 fermentation or C5+C6 mixed sugars fermentation with only minor differences in process design.

We currently market these two concepts with different configurations depending on customer and project needs. These can work both stand alone or be integrated into existing facilities such as first generation ethanol plants or power plants.


Biomass refinery



Costumer focusCostumer focus

​The Inbicon core technology and know-how is developed to create the maximum value for our customers and partners. All Inbicon biomass refineries start by defining and understanding customer needs and demands.

All future refineries will be based on our customer's and partner's access to local biomass, it's type, availability and costs, existing assets and desired end products based on potential revenue streams.

Tailor made

As such, Inbicon technology offers a commercially feasible and sustainable path from agricultural waste products to valuable end products.

Based on detailed discussions, Inbicon core technology and know-how is used to develop value creating concepts and implementing optimal commercial configurations for our customers and partners.