Biomass refinery 



Customising our technologysince 2009

DONG Energy has invested years of development to commercialise our Inbicon technology. All markets are different and we don’t expect one solution to fit all. Instead we have designed different concepts with focus on different end products and needs.

Both concepts separate C5 and C6 sugars and recover more than 90% of the lignin in the biomass. They differ in the usage of the C5 sugars for either feed or biogas production, or ethanol production.



Different concepts

​We have designed different concepts for the Inbicon technology to be used in several potential configurations. This allows for both stand alone projects and integration with first generation ethanol plants, power stations or other energy producing plants. We currently focus on two concepts of the Inbicon technology.


  • C6 fermentation: C6 fermented to ethanol and C5 for livestock feed or biogas production

  • C5+C6 mixed sugar fermentation: C6 and C5 fermented to ethanol



Feedstock flexible

​The Inbicon technology allows for flexible feedstock sourcing. We develop concrete projects based on local needs and biomass all over the world.

  • Sugar bagasse in South America

  • Corn stover and wheat straw in China

  • Empty fruit bunches in Southeast Asia

  • Purpose-grown energy crops and harvest residues in North America

We look for customers in all the above areas and tailor the design of the relevant concept to concrete projects.


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