Who we are

About Inbicon 

​We combined biomass treatment, cellulosic ethanol technology, and traditional ethanol technology.

​Inbicon is a wholly owned technology of DONG Energy and organised under New Bio Solutions, a group of three biotechnologies in DONG Energy. We aim to be a world leader in biomass conversion technology.

We are distinguished by our innovations in hydrothermal pre-treatment, enzymatic hydrolysis and energy-integration systems.



How we bagan - milestonesHow we bagan - milestones

​Waste is too valuable to be wasted - especially nature’s waste.

In the 1990s, that philosophy led DONG Energy to utilise wheat straw and wood chips for large-scale energy production in thermal power stations.

​One of the most important findings was that the salts in the biomass created problems when the biomass was burned. We found ways to work around this, and the discoveries are the basis for the development of new technologies for mechanical conditioning and pre-treatment of the biomass. Today these are core technologies in Inbicon Biomass Refineries.

In the late 1990s, our core concepts were developed. We combined biomass treatment, cellulosic ethanol technology, and traditional ethanol technology.

In 2003, the first pilot plant was opened, and in 2005 it was scaled up 10 times to a 24 tonnes per day capacity pilot plant.


In late 2009, the first Inbicon Biomass Refinery was opened at Kalundborg and integrated with the largest power station in Denmark - Asnæs Power Station, which is owned by DONG Energy.

In 2010, Mitsui (MES) was the first company to license our technology for commercial use, in Southeast Asia. Kalundborg became fully operational and the operation have been used for continuing testing and optimising its systems. We also began global marketing of commercial scale Inbicon Biomass Refineries.

Since 2010 we have worked intensively to develop, mature and execute projects in Brazil, China, Denmark and several other countries with local partners. We expect commercially operating plants within the next few years.