About Inbicon 



New Bio Solutions

​Inbicon is one of three DONG Energy owned biotechnologies, all marketed via New Bio Solutions of DONG Energy.

REnescience and Pyroneer
The other technologies are REnescience, a specially designed process to separate unsorted municipal solid waste into valuable fractions by means of enzymes, and Pyroneer, which converts low cost biomass into a hot gas.




Our business philosophy

​We continue to improve our Inbicon technology and demonstrate the practicality of our technologies on a commercial scale. We seek to partner with investors, developers, and current ethanol producers to plan and build Inbicon Biomass Refineries around the world.

Ongoing innovation
We continue our innovation efforts and to collaborate with technology developers to help make ethanol a profitable alternative to oil-based fuels.




Moving Energy Forward

​We all use energy every day. Energy is a precondition for modern society, and global demand is on the increase.

At the same time, we face the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions from traditional energy production. That is the dual challenge we are facing. DONG Energy is focusing on providing more energy and converting the energy system to a more renewable and sustainable production.